If silicone can be used as a passive sampler in aqueous deployments, could it be used to sample the atmosphere?  If so, could we take an existing commercial product, and modify it for use as a personal passive sampler?  These were the questions we wanted to address in our work with silicone wristbands.  We began work in 2010 with laboratory studies that tested whether wristband samplers could be modified for passive sampling.  After initial studies showed promise, we tried field exposures to see if samplers would be spatially or temporally sensitive in a real world environment. Not only were wristbands sensitive between working professionals, but data indicated that the samplers represented unique individual exposures.

What is a passive wristband sampler?

Behind the Scenes: Analyzing the passive wristband sampler in the Anderson Laboratory


What size options are there for a passive wristband sampler?

Size Circumference Diameter Mass
X-Large 21.4 cm 7.1 cm 5.57 g
Large 20.2 cm 6.5 cm 4.45 g
Medium 18.0 cm 5.9 cm 4.28 g
Small 17.0 cm 5.8 cm 3.62 g
X-Small 15.0 cm 5.2 cm 3.78 g


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