The FSES Program Advisory Council consists of five members representing a broad spectrum of food safety and environmental stewardship perspectives to the state of Oregon. FSES Advisory Council meetings will be held on campus annually, providing an opportunity to tour the FSES laboratory and technical facilities, as well as meet other FSES staff.


The Advisory Council will interact with the FSES Program in the following ways:

1) identify and evaluate existing and emerging food safety and environmental stewardship issues in Oregon and the Northwest

2) work with the program to identify/recognize needs (research problems, education/technology transfer, service) that are relevant and valued by our constituents

3) work with the program in prioritization of programs which are relevant to our constituents

4) work with the program in promotion of the program at the college, university, state and regional levels (assist to increase visibility, relevance and importance of the program)

5) attend 1 meeting per year to discuss needs, priorities and direction of the FSES program -the Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology will provide for all local expenses (break refreshments, lunch, documentation copies, etc.).


Members will represent a wide spectrum of food safety and environmental stewardship interest to the state of Oregon. The Advisory Council will consist of five members, 1 member will be from an OSU Agriculture Research Station. The Advisory Council will have two ex-officio members, the Department Head of Environmental & Molecular Toxicology , and the OSU IR-4 Coordinator. Terms of appointment will be 4 years. The initial appointments will be staggered so memberships will overlap, see proposed By-Laws.


The Advisory Council serves in an advisory capacity to Food Safety and Environmental Stewardship Program.


FSES staff and EMT support staff will organize and convene meetings. Members carry out the functions outlined in the expectations section above.