January, 2024 - Silicone wristbands track personal PAH exposure (News Medical Life Sciences)

January, 2024 - Wristband Monitors Provide Detailed Account of Air Pollution Exposure (Columbia University Irving Medical Center)

December, 2022 - Exposure science tackles climate change (Environmental Factor)

July, 2020 - OSU Wins Grant to Research Environmental Impact on Health (The Corvallis Advocate)

September, 2019 - Why Your House Could be Making Your Cat Sick (Reader’s Digest)

September, 2019 - NIEHS Papers of the Month: Flame Retardant Linked to Hyperthyroidism in Cats (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences)

August, 2019 - Flame Retardant Found in Upholstered Furniture May Cause Hyperthyroidism in Cats (The American Animal Hospital Association)

August, 2019 - Researchers Share Harvey Health Impact Findings at Symposium (Baylor College of Medicine)

November, 2018 -   Exposing the exposome to elucidate disease (PNAS)

June, 2018 - PCBs, dioxins a no-show in wristband study (The Baytown Sun)

June, 2017 - Dr. Kim A Anderson received the 2017 OSU Faculty Innovator Award (more)

January, 2017 - Dr. Kim Anderson, nominated member to US EPA Laboratory Advisory Panel 2017-20

September, 2016 - Dr. Kim A Anderson, FSES Program Director, recognized with 2016 OSU Alumni Association Distinguished Professor Award

August, 2016 - BBC World Service - Science in Action: Wristbands That Monitor Pesticide Exposure in Western Africa, interview with Dr. Anderson (more)

April, 2016 - ACS Chemical & Engineering News: A simple way to track your everyday exposure to chemicals (more)

November, 2015 - Onion Business: How sweet it is! OSU-developed kit makes short work of determining sweetness (more)

November, 2015 - Environmental Defense Fund: New Wristband Technology Illuminates Chemical Asthmagens in our Environment (more)

November, 2015 - The Bend Bulletin: Breast implants absorb polluting chemicals, OSU builds on study of silicone (more)

October, 2015 - The National Law Review: Monitoring Your Personal Environment with Wearable Technology (more)

October, 2015 - USA Today: Worried about toxic chemicals? This band exposes them (more)

August, 2015 - Kim Anderson, FSES Director and invited guest speaker, discusses “Silicone Wristbands as Personal Passive Samplers” with the EPA’s National Exposure Research Laboratory in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

August, 2015 - The OSU Superfund Research Program team members, including Kim Anderson, were selected as the recipient of the 2015 James and Mildred Oldfield/E.R. Jackman Team Award.

July, 2015 - Corvallis Gazette Times: Corvallis company to produce chemical-detecting wristbands based on OSU technology (more)

July, 2015 - KGW Portland: Chemical bracelet detects toxic, banned substances (more)

July, 2015 - TreeHugger: 21st century 'mood ring': a bracelet that senses your toxic exposure (more)

June, 2015 - US Senator Jeff Merkley urges Senate vote on chemical safety bill to keep Oregonians safe from toxic chemicals in everyday products (more)

June, 2015 - KLCC - NPR for Oregonians: Senator Jeff Merkley Addresses Dangers Of Daily Chemical Exposure (more)

May, 2015 - KGW Portland: Bracelet tests toxins we're exposed to every day (more)

December, 2014 - Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission: Tribes partner with OSU to study clam contamination (more)

June, 2014 - Oregon Business: Detox fashion (more)

April, 2014 - LiveScience: Wristband Could Measure Your Exposure to Pollutants (more)

March, 2014 - Scientific American: Bracelets Can Detect Chemical Exposures (more)

March, 2014 - KEZI interviews Dr. Anderson and Steven O'Connell: OSU Wristbands Track Pollution Exposure

March, 2014 - Corvallis Gazette Times: OSU develops wristbands that track pollution (more)

March, 2014 - KLCC - NPR for Oregonians: OSU Develops Wristband That Detects Pollutants (more)

March, 2014 - KEX Portland: OSU creates pollution detecting wristbands (more)

March, 2014 - KGW Portland: Wristband developed at OSU detects daily toxins (more)

March, 2014 - National Safety Council: Personal passive samplers (more)

March, 2014 - Medical Daily: Rubber Wristbands Soak Up Compounds To Reveal Wearer's Chemical Exposure (more)

March, 2014 - NY Daily News: Rubber wristbands may reveal environmental chemical exposure (more)

March, 2014 - Huffington Post: Rubber Wristbands Could Give Clues To Chemical Exposure (more)

March, 2014 - Environmental Health News: Armed with arm candy, bracelets can detect people's chemical exposures (more)

March, 2014 - Press Trust of India: Now, wristband that reveals your toxin exposure (more)

March, 2014 - American Chemical Society: A wristband for a different kind of cause -- environmental health (more)

March, 2014 - ACS Chemical & Engineering News: Silicone Bracelets Find A New Purpose (more)

February, 2014 - Video: Researchers from Oregon State University and University of Cincinnati study fracking in Ohio (more)

February, 2014 - Times Reporter: Air quality studied in Carroll to determine impact of fracking (more)

February, 2014 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations: New tools and farmer training could revolutionize pesticide management in West Africa (more)

January, 2014 - Cincinnati Business Courier: Here's why University of Cincinnati and Oregon State University researchers are digging into fracking (more)

January, 2014 - Times Reporter: How is the air in Carroll? Study to examine effect of drilling (more)

December, 2013 - WKSU Public Radio: Air quality study to assess effects of fracking in Carroll County (more)

December, 2013 - Akron Beacon Journal: Researchers to look at air impacts from drilling in Carroll County (more)

December, 2013 - Happy Holidays from all of us in the Food Safety and Environmental Stewardship Program! Click the link below for the 2013 Holiday newsletter. 2013 Holiday Newsletter

October, 2013 - Drs. Anderson and Kincl receive funding to study "Effects of Unconventional Gas Drilling on Air Quality in Rural Appalachian Ohio" (more)

July, 2013 - NIEHS Superfund Multiproject Center Grant (P42) has been awarded another 5 years of funding, (OSU Extension Newsletter)

June, 2013 - The paper "Bridging environmental mixtures and toxic effects" by Sarah Allen et al  was awarded top 5 for ET&C 2012 (announcement)(article)

January, 2013 - FSES is co-sponsoring the Response, Recovery, and Resilience to Oil Spills and Environmental Disasters: Engaging Experts and Communities conference (more)

December, 2012 - Kim Anderson, invited guest speaker for Can science help us get back to the countryside? The Royal Society, London (more)

December, 2012 - Kim Anderson, invited guest speaker for Achieving food and environmental security - new approaches to close the gap, The Royal Society, London (more)

December, 2012 - Congratulations to Steven O'Connell for receiving the 2012 KC Donnelly Externship Award! (more)

November, 2012 - FSES silicone-based passive sampling device and lab analysis are being used in a flame retardant study (more)

October, 2012 - 25th Annual Superfund Research Program Conference October 2012

January, 2011 - Green Science Oregon, Episode 9.1: OSU PAH Pollution Research (video)

January, 2011 - EMT in the Gulf of Mexico: After the Spill (OSU Terra Magazine)

October, 2010 - EMT in the Gulf of Mexico: Toxic chemicals multiply after Gulf leak (UPI)

September, 2010 - EMT in the Gulf of Mexico: U.S. oil spill waters contain carcinogens: report (Reuters)

July, 2010 - Capital Press: Onion growers learn about 'sweet' test kit