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Research Highlight:

Research Continues through the Covid-19 pandemic

Adhering to the university and state guidelines, we continue to conduct research in 2020. We have depolyed samplers on the Columbia river as well as through the mail in our wildfire air quality sampling study.

lab remodellab remodel
lab remodel


Silicone Wristband Personal Monitoring Device

Accurately assessing a person’s exposures to putative environmental toxicants is central to the challenge of determining environmental health effects. The lack of low cost, easy-to-use personal sampling technology hinders our ability to understand the effect of the environment on health.

We are developing common wristbands to serve as passive samplers that quantitate chemical exposure from our environment. We have shown these simple wristbands, when appropriately prepared provide a simple solution for studies into chemical exposures. With our powerful and sensitive analytical techniques refined over two decades, over 1500 common environmental contaminants can be analyzed for low cost.

If you would like to know more, please see the 
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 and follow the additional research we are pursuing with the wristbands 
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We are also developing a program to make wristbands available to the public. For more information, please visit Citizen Science and signup for updates.



After a seems-like-forever remodel, the FSES analytical instrument suite is complete! Our state-of-the-art facility contains two identical Agilent 7890A - 5975C GC-MS systems, an Agilent GC-ECD 6890, a Markes Unity thermal desorption chamber coupled with an Agilent 6890A - 7000 GC-MS and two triple-quadrupole Agilent 7890A - 7000 GC-MS-MS systems. This array of instruments allows us to couple high-throughput analytical chemistry with extraordinary sensitivity, accuracy and precision.

 lab remodel  lab remodel

NEW Additions to the Program!

During phase I, we added a new 500
  sample receiving and sample preparation space.  During phase II we added 300 ft2
of space for instruments.  We have improved work-flow and site-lines throughout the facility and added a second triple-quadrupole QQQ instrument to the group. We continue to strive to streamline our processes and maximize our analytical capabilities. Stay tuned!

 lab remodel

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FSES Director Dr. Kim Anderson:  541-737-8501

FSES Asst Director Peter Hoffman: 541-737-1766