TitleDiscovery of common chemical exposures across three continents using silicone wristbands
Publication TypePoster
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsDixon H, Armstrong G, Barton ML, Bergmann AJ, Bondy M, Halbleib ML, Haynes EN, Herbstman J, Hamilton W, Hoffman PD, Jepson PC, Kile M, Kincl LD, Laurienti PJ, North PE, Paulik LB, Petrosino J, Points GL, Poutasse CM, Rohlman D, Scott RP, Smith BW, Tidwell LG, Walker C, Waters KM, Anderson KA
Conference/Meeting/VenueEMT Research Day, Corvallis, OR
Date Published01/2019
CityCorvallis, OR
Projects Reference: 
Silicone Wristband Personal Monitoring Device