To assess the impact of chemical exposure and location on respiratory health, we designed the Exposure, Location, and lung Function (ELF) tool in collaboration with researchers at Oregon State University, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and Columbia University.


We are currently enrolling and recruiting individuals with asthma in Eugene, OR that will use the ELF tool in both the winter and summer. Each participant wears one wristband per day, for a total of seven consecutive days. We measure chemicals in the wristbands at the FSES laboratory. Each participant also uses portable, Bluetooth-linked spirometers to assess daily lung function and answers GPS-linked questionnaires on a mobile phone to gather additional information about location, chemical exposure, and asthma outcomes. All the spirometer and mobile phone data is transmitted to the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.


The integrated data and relationships will be made available to our participants through web-based data visualization. The integrated data streams will allow us to discover statistical relationships among air pollutants, locations, and asthma conditions, which was not previously possible with conventional technologies.


For more information about this study, contact: 541-357-8577