TitleAnalytical method for dimethenamid-P in selected raw agricultural commodities by gas chromatography with electron capture detection.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsAnderson KA, Basile JL, Johnson ER
JournalJ AOAC Int
Date Published09/2005
Acetanilides, Chromatography, Gas, Herbicides, Sensitivity and Specificity, Vegetables

A sensitive and simple method for the extraction and quantification of the herbicide dimethenamid-P from several raw agricultural commodities (RAC) is presented. The method provides sensitive and well-defined chromatography with baseline resolution in all matrixes tested. Homogenized samples were extracted with methanol-water, filtered, and then extracted with hexanes. A Florisil solid-phase extraction was then applied for the final cleanup. Sample separation and quantification were performed by gas chromatography with an electron capture detector. The instrument detection limit was 0.007 microg/mL, and the practical quantification limit was 0.003 microg/g (w/w) based on a 25 g sample. Recoveries for a series of fortified plant tissues ranged from 69 to 103%. The study demonstrated selective and sensitive recovery of dimethenamid-P from the RAC tested.

Alternate JournalJ AOAC Int
PubMed ID16385993