TitleLeveraging passive sampling and unique equine population exposures to assess negative post-natal health outcomes
Publication TypePlatform/Presentation
AuthorsTidwell LG
Secondary AuthorsDonald CE, Mullen K, Anderson KA
Conference/Meeting/VenueInternational Society of Exposure Science
Date Published10/2017

In 2012 a high prevalence of neonatal foals born with neurological deficits (altered mentation and dysphagia) was observed at a farm located in Pennsylvania (PA) near a number of unconventional natural gas drilling (UNGD) sites.  The farm proprietor also owned another horse farm in New York (NY) that was not situated near UNGD sites. Newborn foals and mares on the NY farm did not exhibit similar health issues. Over the last 5 years the frequency of dysphagia in foals at the PA facility has increased from 25 to 92%.  From 2014 to 2016 passive sampling devices (PSDs) were deployed on brood mares at both farms continually, and PSDs were changed out every six weeks. PSDs were also deployed in the ambient air and in well water at each farm. .