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Ghetu CC.  2015.  Schreyer Honors Scholar. The Pennsylvania State University.
Paulik LB.  2015.  Science Communication Fellow. Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), Portland, OR.
Scott RP.  2010.  Second Place, Best Student Poster. National Allium Reseach Conference Reno, Nevada.
Paulik LB.  2013.  Secretary. TEAMTox.
Haigh TA.  2004.  Serving as the Chemical Terrorism Coordinator. US EPA IPA (Intergovernmental Personnel Act) agreement with the State of Oregon DEQ, 2004-2008.
Tidwell LG.  2010.  SETAC Annual Meeting Travel Award. SETAC North America 31st Annual Conference.
Poutasse CM, Herbstman J, Peterson ME, Gordon J, Soboroff P, Holmes D, Gonzalez D, Tidwell LG, Anderson KA.  2019.  SETAC Best Student Platform Award (3rd Place): Foster (Sonny) Mayer PhD Category. SETAC North America 40th Annual Meeting, Toronto, ON.
Sethajintanin D.  2005.  SETAC National meeting travel grant. SETAC National Meeting.
Krissanakriangkrai O.  2003.  SETAC National meeting travel grant. SETAC National meeting.
Hillwalker WE.  2010.  SETAC National Meeting Travel Grant. SETAC National Meeting.
Visalli S.  0.  SETAC National meeting travel grant. SETAC National Meeting.
Poutasse CM.  2019.  SETAC North America: Conference Travel Award, Toronto 2019. SETAC North America 40th Annual Meeting, Toronto, ON.
Ghetu CC.  2018.  SETAC Student Travel Award. SETAC North America 39th Annual Meeting.
O'Connell SG.  2010.  SETAC Travel Grant. SETAC North America 31st Annual Conference.
Sethajintanin D.  2005.  Sigma Xi, Award for Excellence in the Science category. OSU Student Poster Competition.
Ghetu CC.  2018.  Society of Collegiate Leadership and Achievement. Oregon State University.
Rivera BN.  2019.  Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) North America Student Travel Award. SETAC.
Krissanakriangkrai O.  2003.  Student Paper/Poster Award. EHA Education Conference, Assoc. of Environmental Health Academic Program, Center for Disease Control Prevention / National Center for Environmental Health Joint Meeting.
Donald CE.  2015.  Student Travel Award. SETAC North America 36th Annual Meeting.
Paulik LB.  2013.  Student Travel Award. Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Society of Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry Annual Meeting, Spokane, WA, USA.
O'Connell SG.  2010.  Superfund Research Program 1st Place Poster Presentation Award. Superfund Research Program Annual Meeting.
O'Connell SG.  2012.  Superfund Research Program - KC Donnelly Externship Award.
Poutasse CM.  2019.  Team TOX Conference Travel Award. Participatory Research in Asia: Advancing Environmental Health Science Research and Translation in India, Delhi, India.
Poutasse CM.  2017.  Team TOX Conference Travel Award. 27th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Exposure Science, Research Triangle Park, NC.
[Anonymous].  2017.  Team Tox Student Conference Travel Award. International Society of Exposure Science.