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What is a Passive Sampler?



Preparation of Passive Sampling Devices

The Training Videos below share the steps to prepare the passive sampling devices that are used in OSU Superfund Project 4 Biological Response Indicator Devices for Gauging Environmental Stressors (BRIDGES).  The videos show deployment examples from field projects that includes the sampling that has been taking place in the Gulf of Mexico since the oil spill.

The sampling process uses lipid-free tubing (LFT). More information can be found in the below publications:

Anderson, K.A., Sethajintanin, D., Sower, G., Quarles, L., 2008. Field trial and modeling of uptake rates on in situ lipid-free polyethylene membrane passive sampler. Environ. Sci. Technol. 42, 4486–4493.

Wendy E. Hillwalker, Sarah E. Allan, Robert L. Tanguay, and Kim Anderson. 2010. Exploiting lipid-free tubing passive samplers and embryonic zebrafish to link site specific contaminant mixtures to biological responses. Chemosphere.79(1):1-7. doi:10.1016/j.chemosphere.2010.02.001


Preparation of LFT Air Passive Sampling Device


Preparation of LFT Aquatic Passive Sampling Device