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If you wish to hand enter your sample information, print out the chain of custody form here, be sure to sign and include with your samples when you send them in.

Form is here

Otherwise you can use our online system to automatically generate the necessary chain of custody forms.


Using the online sample submittal system

  1. First you must sign up for an account at As soon as you are approved, login at the same address, you will be greeted with the following login page:

  1. Click the “Submit a New COC” link and you will be taken to our automated sample submittal system:

  1. The top part of the page is your contact information. Please fill out all applicable fields.
  2. Once you’ve entered your contact info, scroll down to enter your sample info. You will see 1 sample line ready to go, at any time you can add more sample lines by selecting from the “number of samples to add” dropdown and clicking “Add sample(s)”. You can also check samples that should be deleted and click “Delete selected sample(s)” to remove them.

  1. At the bottom you will need to select the sample shipping/storage conditions and your desired way to receive results (you can select more than one).
  2. When you are done, click “Save information” and it will notify us of the impending samples. It will also email you a copy of the COC, this will need to be PRINTED,SIGNED, and SHIPPED with the samples to our lab.  On the next page you will find an example of the COC you will receive.


Thanks for submitting samples to our lab, If you have any questions please call us at 541-737-xxxx or email us at