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Activity DescriptionProject 1Project 2Project 3Project 4Project 5Core A - AdminCore B - RTCCore C - Biostatistics and ModelingCore D - Chemistry SupportCore E - Community Engagement CoreCore F - Training CoreColumbiaNIEHSPNNLSwinomishSamishEPAOSU EHSCLawrence LivermoreCTUIRDEQLondon SchoolWarm Springs Indian ReservationOSU CPHHSNIEHS-funded centersOSU Precollege ProgramsBaylor College of MedicineTexas A&MUniversity of Texas-HoustonUNC
Harrison SRP Externship22133
Kramer SRP Externship2133
Delgado KC Donnelly213
Geier SRP Externship22133
Paulik SRP Externship2133
Titaley SRP Externship2133
Madeen TriC21
Madeen KC Donnelly2133
Chibwe KC Donnelly2132
Geier & Garland SRP Externship2133
SITC Wristband project2221233
Butterclam contaminants2212333
SITC High volume air sampling221233
CTUIR High volume air sampling221233
CTUIR Smoked Salmon Metabolism - Urinary and Dietary222212333
CTUIR Smoked Salmon air quality urine, personal active air monitoring22212333
CTUIR Smoked Salmon air quality - personal passive air sampling122
PTAP Mercury curriculum12333
Research infographics2122333
Research/outreach videos (PSD, PAH)13333
Soil Bioremediation (novel PAHs)2133
EH Colloquium222221222223333
Aggregate Exposure Pathway222221222233
Zebra Fish Biokinetics1222
Native Youth Outreach Campus Visit2122333
Cultural Competency Study22222222212332
Assessing cancer risk and PAH exposure123
SRP Outreach and TEAM Tox222212232
PAH Human Microdosing1223322
Disaster IRB2212
Annual Tribal Advisory Council Meeting2222123232
Annual External Advisory Board Meeting222221222223333
Portland Harbor EPA air and soil flux (Carey Donald project)12233
Hosted Chris Olivres Univ Ariz KC Donnelly1
Sealcoat Collaboration Project 5/Core D122
Activity Assays in Zebrafish21
PAH uptake kinetics1222
Supermix Tox Studies122
Supermix Uptake1222
River mile RNAseq1222
EDC modeling with Derik Haggard12
BMD modleing Zf Data12
Phenotyouic anchoring Triclosan12
Optimizing zf screening122
PAH sorption to assay plates122
Ligand Specifc Transcription12
Gene expression NPs12
Gene expression BPA12
OXY PAHs and Gene expression12
Parent PAH and gene expression1222
miRNA expression studies12
Hurricane Harvey and hazardous exposures122222
Evaluation of mixture interactions with Supermix 102222
Santiago Delgado KC Donnelly2132
Trainee-Initiated Collaboration (TrIC) Grants122
Transdisciplinary Training Workshop122
New York Pregnant Women Wristband Study2122