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Poutasse CM.  2017.  Team TOX Conference Travel Award. 27th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Exposure Science, Research Triangle Park, NC.
Poutasse CM.  2019.  Team TOX Conference Travel Award. Participatory Research in Asia: Advancing Environmental Health Science Research and Translation in India, Delhi, India.
[Anonymous].  2017.  Team Tox Student Conference Travel Award. International Society of Exposure Science.
Minick J.  2017.  Team Tox Travel Award.
Paulik LB.  2013.  TEAMTox Student Travel Award. SETAC North America 34th Annual Conference, Nashville, TN, USA.
Paulik LB.  2015.  TEAMTox Student Travel Award. SETAC Europe 25th Annual Meeting, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.
Dixon H.  2015.  TEAMTox Student Travel Award. SETAC North America 36th Annual Conference.
Dixon H.  2016.  TEAMTox Student Travel Award. NIEHS 50th Anniversary Meeting.
Dixon H.  2017.  TEAMTox Student Travel Award. International Society of Exposure Science.
Donald CE.  2014.  TeamTox Travel Award.
Donald CE.  2015.  TeamTox Travel Award. SETAC North America.
Donald CE.  2016.  TeamTox Travel Award.
Wilson GR.  1986.  Technical employee award. Northrop Services.
Sethajintanin D, Anderson KA.  2006.  Temporal bioavailability of organochlorine pesticides and PCBs.. Environ Sci Technol. 40(12):3689-95.
Bergmann AJ, Tanguay RL, Anderson KA.  2014.  Teratogenicity of PAHs from Portland Harbor? Effects-directed analysis with passive sampling and developing zebrafish OSU SRP Trainee Colloquium.
Scott RP, Tidwell LG, Hobbie KA, Anderson KA.  2010.  Test Kit for Sweet Onions. National Allium Research Conference.
Haigh TA.  1992.  Theoretical and Experimental Evaluation of Hysteresis in Atmospheric Chemistry.
Tidwell LG, Hobbie KA, O'Connell SG, Wilson GR, Donatuto J, Harris S, Anderson KA.  2012.  Three Different Demonstration Applications of an Innovative Air sampling Technology to Adress Community-based Environmental Exposures: Oil Spills, Legacy and Emerging Contaminants at Community-Industry land Boundaries and Food Preparation. Connecting Research and Practice: A Dialogue between ATSDR and the NIEHS Superfund Research Program, Atlanta, Georgia.
Rivera BN.  2020.  Time-Integrated Exposures to Identify Chemical Profiles between Health and Dysphagic Foals . Society of Toxicology.
Hoffman PD, Tidwell LG, Anderson KA.  2016.  Toxicity in zebrafish of complex polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon mixtures exposed to terrestrially-appropriate UV-radiation.. Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 2016 Annual Meeting, Orlando, Florida, USA.
Madeen E, Siddens LK, Uesugi S, McQuistan T, Corley RA, Smith J, Waters KM, Tilton SC, Anderson KA, Ognibene TJ et al..  2019.  Toxicokinetics of benzo[a]pyrene in humans: Extensive metabolism as determined by UPLC-accelerator mass spectrometry following oral micro-dosing.. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 364:97-105.
Padilla KL, Anderson KA.  2002.  Trace element concentration in tree-rings biomonitoring centuries of environmental change.. Chemosphere. 49(6):575-85.
Donald CE, Bergmann AJ.  2012.  Training Grant Award for Graduate Research & Education. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.
Donald CE.  2013.  Training Grant Award for Graduate Research & Education. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.
Elie MR.  2012.  Training Grant Award for Postdoctoral Research & Education. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.