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Continuing Questions of Health Effects, Under Recognized Sources, Analytical Method

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Saili, KS, Corvi, MM, Weber, DN, Patel, AU, Das, SR, Przybyla, J, Anderson, KA, Tanguay, RL,Neurodevelopmental low-dose bisphenol A exposure leads to early life-stage hyperactivity and learning deficits in adult zebrafish., Toxicology 2012, 291(1-3), 83-92


Saili, KS, Przybyla, J, LaDu, J, Simonich, SM, Anderson, KA, Tanguay, RL,Gene Expression Changes Following Embryonic Bisphenol A Exposure: Exploring The Role Of Estrogen Disruption In BPA-Induced Neurobehavioral Toxicity, 2010, SETAC North America 31st Annual Conference