Research Interest/Focus: 

Applications of silicone wristband passive sampling devices (PSDs) to agricultural occupational and para-occupational pesticide exposures


B.S. Chemistry, Haverford College, 2015


Training Grant Fellowship for Graduate Research & Education, 2016, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Distinguished Provost's Graduate Fellowship, 2015, Oregon State University
Center for Peace and Global Citizenship Conference Travel Award, 2015, Haverford College
National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduate, 2014, University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography
Journal Articles
Simister, R.L.; Poutasse, C.M.; Thurston, A.M.; Reeve, J.L.; Baker, M.C.; White, H.K. Degradation of Oil by Fungi Isolated from Gulf of Mexico beaches. Mar. Pollut. Bull., 2015, 100, 327-333.
Poutasse, C.M.; Laurienti, P.L.; Anderson, K.A. Applications of Silicone Wristbands: Agricultural and Non-Agricultural Childhood Pesticide Exposures, Department of Toxicology 8th Annual Research Day, January 2017, Corvallis, OR.
Poutasse, C.M.; Simister, R.S.; White, H.K. Exploring the Environmental Controls on the Degradation of Oil by Marine Fungi. American Chemical Society, 249th National Meeting and Exposition, March 2015, Denver, CO.
Poutasse, C.M.; Goodkin, N.; White, H.K. A Preliminary Examination: Historical Records of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Corals from the South China Sea, Eastern Analytical Symposium, November 2013, Somerset, NJ.
Harrison, S.; Poutasse, C.M.; White, H.K. Investigating the dynamic range of weathered oil and chemical dispersant in the Environment, Haverford College Chemistry Senior Thesis Poster Session, May 2013, Haverford, PA.