B.S. Forest Science, University of New Hampshire, 1999-2003


2011-present, Passive sampling devices as monitors of air and water contaminants at Superfund sites, areas impacted by the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill, and agricultural regions of Western Africa.
2008, Nitrogen dynamics of red alder in the Trask Watershed of Oregon.
2007-2008, Ecological impact of prescribed fire in Olympic National Park on plant productivity, soil physical, chemical, and biological characteristics, and nutrient leaching.
2006-2010, Interactions between precipitation and nitrogen as drivers of carbon sequestration in Olympic National Park to predict effects of climate change on forest nutrient dynamics.
2005-2008, Effects of experimental silvicultural canopy gaps on the development of young stands towards complex late-successional forest conditions in the Pacific Northwest.
2005-2007, Influence of Nitrogen availability in soils of the Oregon Coast Range on the retention and cycling of calcium inputs and the importance of both atmospheric and weathering sources of Ca.
2004-2007, Role of riparian vegetation on in stream-productivity and food chains of terrestrial riparian habitats in the Pacific Northwest.
2004-2005, Relationship of tree species and soils in unpolluted old-growth temperate forests as baseline for forest biogeochemical cycles.
2004, Comparison of harvest methods on litter decomposition and nitrogen mineralization in recently cut forest stands of Oregon and Washington.
2011-present, Passive sampling device (LFT and Silicone) construction, extraction, and preparation for organic and inorganic analysis.
2011-present, Pesticide analysis of sample extracts on GC-MS and GC-ECD.
2009-present, Provide GIS support for various projects.
2009-2010, Managed fisheries database and acted as project administration support; conducted literature reviews and internet data searches to procure and validate fish abundance data.
2009-2010, Digested plant and soil samples for cation analysis.
2004-present, Instrument maintenance and troubleshooting.
2004-2010, Operated and maintained atomic absorption spectrophotometer, high temperature elemental combustion system, and solid phase elemental combustion system to analyze nutrient composition of soil, plant, precipitation, and soil pore water samples.
2002-2009, Prepared and extracted forest soil and plant samples for nitrogen and carbon analysis.
2000-present, Operation and maintenance of laboratory equipment including: centrifuge, autoclave, sonicator, balances, pipettes, and glassware.
2000-present, Promote lab safety, prepare reagents and solutions, and track sample storage and organization.
2000-present, Responsible for data analysis and QC, statistical analysis, and data management and reporting.
2000-2003, Prepared and analyzed water samples for dissolved oxygen, alkalinity, pH, dissolved color, chlorophyll a, and total phosphorous, and sediment samples for benthic total phosphorous and percent organic matter.
2012, Deployment and retrieval of sediment, water, and air passive sampling devices in the Lower Duwamish Superfund Site in Seattle, Washington.
2011, Deployment and retrieval of water and air passive sampling devices in the Portland Harbor Superfund site and along the Gulf Coast following the Deep Water Horizon oil spill.
2009, Vegetation surveys and habitat mapping in the Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park using the Combined Habitat Assessment Protocols (CHAP).
2009, Measured soil respiration rates in red alder and Douglas fir stands in the Oregon Coast Range.
2008, Field site selection, sampling design, and soil collection in red alder and Douglas fir stands in the Trask Watershed, Oregon.
2007, Field collection of plant material in Sequoia National Park.
2006-2009, Soil, leaf litter, and soil pore water sampling in forest stands of Olympic National Park.
2004-2008, Soil, foliage, leaf litter, soil pore water, and tree core sample collection at temperate forest sites throughout Oregon.
2003-2004, Soil collection and litter bag sampling in Oregon and Washington post tree harvest units.
2002, Established and sampled field research installations for soil and mycorrhizal fungi studies, performed watershed wide forest inventory of northern hardwood plots as part of long term ecological study, and collected foliar samples for 15N analysis.
2000-2003, Interacted with volunteer monitors while collecting water samples and water quality data from lakes and tributaries throughout New Hampshire.
2011-present, Gas Chromatography MS and ECD, Agilent Technologies
2004-2010, Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (NPOC, TN), Shimadzu
2004- 2010, Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (Ca, Mg, Na, K), Perkin Elmer
2004-2010, Elemental Combustion System (C, N, S), Costech
2000-2003, Spectrophotometer (total P)
2011-present, Chemstation, LIMS
2004-2010, EAS32, WinLab32
2002-present, ArcGIS
2000-present, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point
2009-present, Corvallis Mountain Rescue Unit
2001-2003, Xi Sigma Pi
2000-2003, Society of American Foresters