Current Position: 
Faculty Research Assistant
Research Interest/Focus: 

The most rewarding parts of my work involve the opportunity to conduct research across disciplines.  I particularly enjoy working with projects concerning environmental contamination in aqueous systems.  Currently, all of my projects involve some form of passive sampling devices (PSDs), particularly those including silicone as the sampler matrix.  These PSDs can act as "magnets" for chemical compounds of interest, and sample the fraction of chemicals available to be taken up by organisms in the air or water.  Since our PSDs are deployed in the environment, my research interests may take on chemical or biological directions that allow me to work with a variety of analytical instruments and professionals here at OSU.  Considering much of my theoretical background is biologically based, and my practical, hands-on experiences have included very specialized organic analytical chemistry, I can honestly say my research interests are quite diverse.  When I'm not in danger of writing run-on sentences, I enjoy home brewing, biking, running, swimming, and time with my adopted dog.


Ph.D. in Toxicology from Oregon State University - 2014

M.S. Degree in Marine Biology from the College of Charleston, SC - 2009

B.S. in Biology and Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Georgia - 2004


Relevant Work History:

Faculty Research Assistant, Oregon State University,  OR - 2014 – Present

Senior Scientist, MyExposome, Inc., OR - 2016 - Present

Toxicologist, NWSI Contractor for Hewlett Packard, OR - 2015 – 2017

Training Grant Fellow, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), Corvallis, OR - 2010-2011

Research Assistant for the Caribbean Conservation Corportation, Tortuguero, Costa Rica - Summer, 2009

Biological Trainee for the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Charleston, SC - 2007-2009

Teaching Assistant, Biology Department, College of Charleston,SC - 2006-2007

Laboratory Technician, Halocarbon Corporation, North Augusta, SC, - 2004-2006

Laboratory Manager, Ecology Department, University of Georgia, Athens, GA - 2003-2004

Research Assistant, Georgia Sea Grant, Athens, GA - Summer, 2003



·      Project and Team Management
·      Liquid and Gas Chromatography
·      Statistics (linear and multivariate models)
·      ECD or mass spectrometry detection   
·      Laboratory and Field Experience (15+ yrs.)
·      Environmental and Analytical Chemistry
·      Technical Writing
·      Public Speaking and Teaching
·      Marine Science and Biology